Anton Leivo’s work is about inventing, creating and developing beautiful accessories.
The things he wants to achieve in the progress are harmony, self-growth, freedom and self-expression.

Anton is creating accessories inspired by nature. He has always been fascinated by nature and the seeds for his work were planted when Anton was a child. His favorite show for years was ”Avara Luonto” a nature documentary. The beauty, wonders and amazing inventions nature has created really inspired and resonated with Anton. For a long time, he wanted to become a biologist or a nature photographer.

Now he wants to show the beauty and wonder of nature in the form of accessories. Everyone can wear a necklace, earrings or a pin to show their support for diverse nature and to help keep it like that.

Anton is hoping to inspire a movement to make a change for the future and to put nature in the frame of everyday life.

”This style and the way of designing wildlife in the form of accessories was something that I saw perfectly fitting with my series. The geometrical style suited and flattered the sculpted design of the animals. It highlights the details of the pieces and animates the creatures features. The idea behind everything is to illustrate movement, progress and responsibility. Movement creates energy and energy creates positivity”.

Anton Leivo does custom jewelry based on customer wishes.

Anton Leivo grew up in Helsinki, studied in Lahti University Of Applied Sciences – Institute of Design and in Israel – Bezalel Academy. He graduated as a Designer AMK and moved back to Helsinki where he advanced his knowledge in The Finnish School of Watchmaking for a year.

All of his jewelry is designed, made, finished and manufactured in Finland with recycled silver.

Watch this video of Anton Leivo and see how jewelry is made!