Unicorn | Futuristic pendant | Modern minimalist sculpture


Recycled sterling silver. Made in Finland by Anton Leivo. 15 x 24.5 x 5 mm.
Includes a silver chain (3mm, 50cm). Same as in the model picture.


The first piece of my series Jewelry in Motion.
Uniquely designed Unicorn pendant. Recycled sterling silver.
Mystic, Mysterious and Different. Unicorns are trendsetters and influencers.
It looks really refined and works great in casual settings and in parties. These stylish accessories are made to complete every style. A great unisex gift for someone how loves clean lines. Show your curious nature and your inner spirituality with this wild Unicorn. This innovative necklace is a modern take on jewelry and on sculpting.
The Unicorn is modeled, printed and hand-finished in Finland.
Jewelry in Motion series is made for people who appreciate nature, life and beauty. Every animal is on the move because motion creates positive energy. Jewelry in Motion series is chosen to represent the irreplaceability of nature and to show the beauty of animal kingdom.



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